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Written by Jason Bailey

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How London’s top design studios are finding the right work-life balance for
a post-Covid world

With input from some PCL’s best-known super-prime designers, recruitment specialist Jason Bailey looks at how studios are managing the balance of working from home and the return to office life…

The Great Resignation: Why design firms need to prioritise their people in the new digital era

How are luxury-focused businesses adapting to the digital era, and should they fear a continuation of the ‘great resignation’ of 2021? Jason Bailey offers some tips on running a happy team, with insights from the founder of one of London’s top studios…

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‘Major shifts that are set to stay’: Post-lockdown trends & opportunities in the prime resi design sector

With input from some of PCL’s top studios, recruiter Jason Bailey reports on the design industry’s drastic transformation over the  last six months, and explains why now could be a prime time to launch a new firm…


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How to Ace
an Interview

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Perks and

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4 Day
Work Week



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